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Hello BHBC Family we are Now Open Inside, as well as, Outside Patio.

A few Rules and Guidelines;

  • During peak hours a 90 min time slot may occur for patio seating.
  • We offer a limited menu and outside food is welcome, with Plenty of local Restaurants for to-go options.


Reservations are welcomed for the Patio, inside is walk-in seating. We reserve the right to close the patio for inclement weather.

Call us at (860)-315-9099

For to-gos we offer 32oz Howlers. We recommend calling ahead for howler orders to avoid wait times. Check out our “What’s On Tap” for available beer options.

Wed. & Thurs. 12-8pm 

Fri. & Sat. 12-9pm

Sun. 12-8pm

Stay safe and keep drinking!


Come Visit Bear Hands Brewing

  • 75 Main Street #1 Putnam, CT 06260
  • (860) 315 - 9099
Pints, Ponys, Samples and Flights Available Right at the Bar
Outside Food Welcome (Tons of Takeout and Delivery Options)
Bar Tops, Tables and Couches for Beer Drinking Comfort
Music and Arcade Games Available for Entertainment

Brewery Hours

 Bear Hands Brewing Co currently offers Patio and Indoor seating. We welcome reservations for our patio. Inside seating is first come first serve. Please see the message above, Call (860)-315-9099 or visit us on Facebook for more information.

Patio and Inside Seating

  • Sunday: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 12:00 PM- 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 12:00 pM – 9:00 PM

What's On Tap

  • Prices are left to right for Refill on Howlers and Full Pours.  

 In-house Pony’s (8oz) and Samples (5oz) are available.

  • Crashing The Party (OH YEAH!) 5.1% abv 32oz Refill $13 | Full $7

    This Juice Box sour is fruity deliciousness. It is reminiscent of your favorite childhood drink, with an adult twist. It will leave you saying OH YEAH!

  • Not So Subtle Hints 5.5% abv-12oz 32oz Refill $14 | Full $7

    This delectable fruited wheat beer is brewed with over 200 lbs of Strawberry and Banana which give it, its signature color and "Not So Subtle Hints" of Strawberry and Banana. Making a perfect union for the light malt body of this wheat beer.

  • Everything But Your Name On The Cup 7.6% abv 32oz Refill $15 | Full $8

    An Imperial Pumpkin Spice Latte Stout that balances 60lbs of pumpkin pie filling with our tincture of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, allspice and blended with a touch of vanilla. Then crashing it with a hefty amount of medium roast Donut Shop coffee. This stout brings all the flavors of pumpkin spice latte you’d expect your favorite barista to serve you, but its in a beer! It’s Everything But Your Name On The Cup.

  • Lagering And, Lagering And… 4.9% abv-16oz 32oz Refill $11 | Full $7

    A Munich Helles Lager which is pale in color and offers subtle hop bitterness. Balanced by its medium body and sweet malt characteristics. The water profile allows the Mittelfrueh hops to compliment the malty character.

  • Show Me Strata 6.2% abv-16oz 32oz Refill $11 | Full $7

    A New England IPA- A rotating single hop series. This time around features Strata hop. Strata bings layered notes of tropical fruit including; mango, passion fruit, melon, fresh berry/strawberry, and some citrus in the form of grapefruit. Along with this comes a dank herbal note of drifting cannabis. This beer showcases a nice balanced bitterness due to the versatility of the Strata hop

  • ACE Pumpkin 5.0% abv-12oz 32oz Refill $13 | Full $7

    ACE Premium Ciders-Ace Pumpkin is perfect for the pumpkin lover that just can’t get enough. Flavored with cinnamon, clove and all spice

  • Nochmal Oktoberfest 5.9% abv-16oz 32oz Refill $10 | Full $7

    This brilliant rich amber colored lager is a very complex blend of rich malt flavors, ranging from sweet to slightly toasted. With a rich body, and a smooth clean- crisp finish, this is a perfect beer for Oktoberfest "once again."

  • An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery 8.5% abv-12oz 32oz Refill $15 | Full $8

    This hop packed Double New England IPA is loaded down with Ella, Enigma, and Vic Secret hops to bring a mysteriously delicious blend of tropical fruit, pineapple, berries, grapefruit, and passion fruit hop notes.

  • Honing Darkness 8.8% abv-12oz 32oz Refill $15 | Full $7

    This Imperial Belgian Honey Stout is a bold complexity of flavors. The dark chocolate and roasted coffee notes are accentuated by the tart fruity esters of raisins and plums. Then is brought full circle with 40lbs of local honey local farm Sage Meadow Farm in Tolland, CT. This stout is not for your novice stout drinker

  • Jinger’s Brown 6.8% abv-16oz 32oz Refill $11 | Full $7

    An American meets European brown ale. The grain bill and the hops cross international waters to make a medium body brown ale featuring a light toffee flavor with a crisp finish.

  • Trendaphobia (Pinapple)- 7.4% abv-12oz 32oz Refill $15 | Full $8

    Trendaphobia is our rotating fruited, milkshake IPA series that is nothing to be scared of. This round features pineapple to perfectly compliment the creamy, full bodied texture of this lactose injected IPA. The pineapple brings out the Sabro and Citra hops natural tropical fruit flavors, then the lactose sugar and vanilla additions really bring out the old-timey malted milkshake!

  • Hold My Juice Box 6.8% abv-12oz 32oz Refill $15 | Full $8

    Our go-to New England IPA. It is Hazy and citrusy featuring Mosaic, Simcoe & Loral hops.

Our Story

Bear Hands Brewing Company is Us. My husband Justin, is the brewer and I Kayla, am the business. While raising our kids, Ada 7 and Colin 3 we decided to take on the endeavor of opening a brewery and tap room and still trying to balance work/ life/… brewery. We took Justin’s 14 year- homebrewing hobby, to the next level. After, the good feedback from our inner circle, we started traveling all around CT, from beer fest to beer fest. Pouring our beer for the masses, and again the feedback was great! That’s when we took it upon ourselves to formulate a business plan to open our very own Brewery and Tap Room. We wanted to make brewing a career so we could share our passion for beer and atmosphere with everyone. After, three long years of highs and lows we accomplished what we set out to do, our brewery doors are finally open! Bear Hands Brewing Company’s charming home is in the quiet corner of downtown Putnam, CT.

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